Brazil, you say? They know how to play football over there, don't they? But it's a long way for one so middle aged as I to travel.

So instead, I shall slouch into my leather armchair and view the tournament from this side of the Atlantic. I shall try and watch every game and will definitely make wildly inaccurate predictions too.

I do solemnly vow to give you a real sense of what it's like to not be at the World Cup. This is the blog where all the colour and atmosphere and passion of watching the world's greatest sporting tournament on a wall mounted widescreen really comes to life.

Monday, 7 July 2014

World Cup Semi Final Predictions

Here's who I predicted would contest the semis before the tournament started.



And here's the actual line up:



Yes, that hollering is the sound of my own trumpet being blown again.  75% right.  Admittedly Spain was a long way wrong, and predicting Holland to go out in the group,stage just morally reprehensible. But that aside, I can only conclude that I've done rather well!